Pest, Insect, Animal, And Bird Control Projects Done By Avalanche Pest Solutions Edinburg TX

Welcome to our projects page where we showcase amazing projects performed by Avalanche Pest Solutions in Edinburg, TX. Using cutting-edge technology and high-grade equipment, Avalanche Pest Solutions continues to provide top-notch residential and commercial pest control services in Edinburg TX, and surrounding areas.

Since its inception in 1997, Avalanche Pest Solutions has hired exterminators who are not only extensively trained and highly skilled but are also dedicated and honest, carrying out their work with the highest level of professionalism.

Mosquito Infestation Project On Fay St, Edinburg TX

One really exciting job was the Mosquito Control Edinburg TX project done in the home of Mr. Ralph on Fay St. Ralph had noticed some mosquitoes within his home, and in a few weeks, the mosquito activity had intensified. We quickly located the source of the mosquitoes, which were Ralph’s potted plants on his window sills. After eliminating the stagnant water, we sprayed his home with pesticide and installed our misting system outside Ralph’s home for long-lasting results.

Spider Infestation Project On Cano St, Edinburg TX

Mr. Henry, who lives in Cano St, Edinburg TX noticed some black shiny spiders in his storage room. Suspecting that they could be black widow spiders, he called for our services. We arrived at Henry’s and thoroughly inspected his home for all spider hideouts. We discovered a severe infestation in his attic and crawl spaces, and identified some black widow spiders. Using specialized sprays and techniques, we eradicated all spiders and their webs, and filled all gaps in walls, around pipework, and under doors to deter entry. Do you require Edinburg TX Spider Control services?

Raccoon Invasion Project On Champion St, Edinburg TX

After Mr. Eric called to report raccoons in his attic, our specialists were in his home on Champion St, Edinburg TX. In no time, we determined their entry points and customized a removal plan. We discovered the raccoons entered through a damaged attic side vent. Using a heavy gauge screening, we covered the entire attic side vent and installed a one-way door over the entry spot. So, the raccoons left at night and couldn’t get back in. Click to hire us for Raccoon Removal Edinburg TX services.