Our Team

Our Mission At Avalanche Pest Solutions Edinburg TX

Our mission is to protect, defend, and raise the value of each client’s image and reputation by providing the most assertive and extensive pest control service available while exceeding our clients’ expectations at every stage of the process. Furthermore, our core values are as follows:

(1) Collaboration – We aim to collaborate with our clients and team members to achieve our objectives.

(2) Quality – We use the best materials and constantly improve our offers.

(3) Leadership – We set high quality and service standards.

(4) Profitability – A profitable firm, like Avalanche Pest Solutions, makes efficient use of labor costs.

Business Owner

Thomas Akers

(Business Owner)

Thomas Akers built the company from the ground up. He is the CEO of Avalanche Pest Control Solutions, based in Edinburg, Texas. The idea of forming a pest control business started when Mr. Akers was hiking, it came up to him when the mosquitoes kept biting him as their lunch. From then on, he decided to establish Avalanche Pest Solutions in his hometown, where he grew up — Edinburg, TX, during the summertime of 1997.

Marketing Manager

Christina Akers

(Marketing Manager)

Meet our Marketing Manager, Christina Akers! She graduated from the best university in the state as a Marketing major. Christina is one of the best in Edinburg, and we are grateful for her. She has been working with Avalanche Pest Solutions since 1990. And now, she handles our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, manages the advertisements for the company, and posts promotions on Instagram. As the social manager, we ensure that she keeps up with the trends in pest control companies.


Anna Dea Aliana


Anna is a freelancer and a Junior college student from a prestigious school in the Philippines while working for Upwork clients as a Virtual Assistant and Content Writer. As an aspiring education for children with special needs and a writer, she only writes honest, informative, and reliable content. She aligns her firm principles with the ideal clients to attain their business goals. Anna believes that growth and improvement are the results of the right mindset and views. Anna specializes in writing blog articles, B2B Lead Generation, and social media descriptions.

Service Technician

Nicholas Ramsey

(Service Technician)

Nicholas Ramsey has been with us for six years. He is passionate about saving the environment. As a result, he decided to learn to remove bees safely from any kind of establishment – whether commercial or residential. He is Avalanche’s well-trained technician that you should trust with your bees around your property! We assure you that he is the best here in Edinburg. Not only that, he ensures that bees are kept safe to maintain their colony and avoid extinction. Connect with us to avail of our Bee Removal Edinburg TX services.

Service Technician 2

Ronald Konrad

(Service Technician)

He’s a father of two beautiful daughters, which inspires him to work harder to provide the best life for his family. As a well-versed exterminator, Ronald Konrad makes sure you can have peace of mind in your residential and commercial properties with regard to different species of cockroaches. He has been with us since 2007, so he knows the dos and don’ts around Avalanche Pest Solutions and offers the best service for our clients. Need our expert Roach Exterminator Edinburg TX services.

Service Technician 3

Daniel Vargas

(Service Technician)

At the Avalanche Pest Solutions office, everybody calls him “Danny.” Termites are scared of him when he works because he makes sure that none of the termites will return to your properties. Mr. Vargas earned several certifications in termite extermination training while working for four years in Avalanche. The other side of Mr. Vargas is he is one of the leaders in an organization that does charitable drives for abandoned pets — dogs and cats mostly. Use our Termite Control Edinburg TX services to avoid further damage to your valuables.