About Us

Animals and insects have a vital role in maintaining the health of our environment. In some cases, they can become destructive and cause significant harm to surround landscapes, as well as houses and other structures. Field rodents such as ground squirrels burrow into the soil, which can cause erosion, slope failure, and water loss.

Since its inception, the company has changed into unique divisions that specialize in the following areas: rodents and termites; birds; plant healthcare; and general pest control (including bees, wasps, insects, and wildlife invaders).

Avalanche is among the best Pest Control Edinburg TX providers. We provide the best ongoing pest control solutions to residential and commercial establishments in the area by utilizing cutting-edge technology that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and customized to meet each client’s specific needs. The Avalanche Pest Solutions team comprises well-trained, accredited, honest, and sensible specialists who strive to deliver the most pleasing client experience while also providing long-term pest protection. In addition, we want to be the most trusted provider of pest control solutions in the state — another reason for you to count on us for our quality and lasting service. 

It was founded in 1997 by a group of successful businessmen to provide ongoing pest protection to residential and commercial properties in the Edinburg area. It also employs high-grade equipment and the most up-to-date advances in pest control technologies to assure the highest possible level of service quality.

Avalanche Pest Solutions Edinburg TX hires Animal Control Edinburg TX experts who are dedicated, honest, sensible, and professional in their work. They have received extensive training in the usage of internationally recognized pest control solutions. Meanwhile, the company’s knowledgeable and pleasant sales personnel provide excellent customer service, fostering long-term connections with customers. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing the most effective pest control solutions that are both cost-effective and meet the needs of our clients.

Our company provides services to more than 5,000 households and commercial establishments in Edinburg and the nearby areas.